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Brand Story

Yitong Shanhe focuses on the frontier field of construction machinery. In 2006, it registered the brand of Yitong Shanhe Hydraulic Crushing Hammer in China. In the same year, it established Yitong Shanhe Technology Co., Ltd. in South Korea to provide hydraulic breaking hammers and accessories for mainstream customers such as Sany Heavy Industry, Liugong Group, Foton Lovol, Hyundai Group, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and provide technical support and equipment maintenance throughout the process.

The brand has been established for 15 years, and the annual sales volume has exceeded 100 million RMB,Achieved by China's provincial dealers 100%Full coverage, overseas distribution network covers 4 continents and 15 countries, and has a perfect industrial design, product research and development, and manufacturing system. It is committed to providing supporting equipment, technical support and solutions for the integration of projects such as mountain opening and soil expansion, road construction, mining, demolition and reconstruction.

Development orientation

Development orientation

With the policy and pace of China's upgrading and accelerating infrastructure construction, Yitong Shanhe adopts the hydraulic hammer+accessories driven mode to ensure future growth with capacity expansion. The data shows that China's hydraulic hammer has both low permeability and high growth characteristics of consumables. At present, the hammer allocation rate in China is 20%~25%, which still has some room for improvement compared with 35%~45% in developed countries.

In recent years, the company has expanded the capacity of hydraulic breaking hammers and the adhesion degree of dealers through product upgrading+technical services. It is estimated that in 2022, 20000 hydraulic breaking hammers will be sold annually, 8000 accessories will be sold annually, and more than 120 dealers and service networks will be covered, fully benefiting from the high-speed development dividends of construction machinery.

New technology, new material, new process, low damage, low fuel consumption, low oil pressure, low flow, low fault

Core technologies are very different

Core technologies are very different

The independently developed S series breaking hammer has stable and reliable performance and super striking power. Its technical originality has been recognized by developed countries, and has obtained patents and honors. It has become a leading brand in the breaking hammer industry and has an excellent user reputation.


The brand has been established for 15 years, with annual sales exceeding 1 100% coverage of China's provincial dealers and overseas distribution network covering 15 countries and regions on 4 continents.


The production base of Douchang Heavy Industry was established in Yantai, covering an area of 10000 square meters, with more than 100 employees, mainly engaged in the production of hydraulic products such as hydraulic breaking hammers, quick connectors, hydraulic shears, and hydraulic grab buckets.
The introduction of the world's advanced casting production line, machining production line and assembly testing production line has realized the full set of independent production of products and built a competitive high-end hydraulic system manufacturing and production base at home and abroad.


1. Respond immediately and give suggestions and solutions to solve problems.
2. Detailed use and maintenance guidance training shall be provided when purchasing products.
3. Provide technical support, on-site consultation and problem solving for customers through the dealer network throughout the country.
4. Provide regular technical training to dealers, especially for new products.

Strength comes from specialty

Innovative technology, with 30 patents.

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after-sale service

Source manufacturer After sales worry free

Provide technical support, local consultation and local settlement for customers by using the worldwide distribution network. The 24-hour service hotline responds at the first time and provides suggestions and solutions to solve problems.

The engineer is always ready to solve any problems about the product and operation for you. The dealers shall regularly carry out technical training, especially new product training. Tailor solutions with a high degree of fit according to the actual project needs of customers.

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technical support

Emergency response

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Maintenance warranty

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training for specific posts

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Customized scheme

Sales network

Adhering to the cooperation concept of "sincere cooperation and win-win cooperation", we look forward to cooperating with all excellent service providers who agree on SANHA products and can provide quality services.